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If you want your transmission to last the life of your vehicle you must excersise a strict maintainence program. Transmission failure most commonly occurs when the the fluid is neglected, Heat and pressure break down the transmission fluid causing the metal on metal parts to wear ultimately leading to costly transmission repairs. 

      Transmission Tune Up. Why Do I need one?


Just like you need to change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or so, you also need to change your transmission fluid. 

Reason one is that it never hurts to have fresh fluids in your vehicle. Fresh fluid and moving parts are a good thing. Your transmission is the most complex component in your vehicle and is the most sensitive to heat and viscosity breakdown.

Second, your transmission has a filter that filters the fluid for the transmission. Over time these get clogged and need to be changed.

It’s important to know that most modern day transmissions have two filters. And they both need to be changed.

In order to change the second filter the pan must be dropped. This must happen if you truly want to extend the life of your vehicle and eliminate mechanical failures. Running new fluid through a dotry clogged filter defeats the purpose of changing it in the first place. Dirty fluid will also clog the tiny screens on your electric solenoids causing hard nor no shift situations.



How do I know when my transmission fluid needs to be changed?

You could always check it yourself. But the way we recommend is to have it checked every 3 month by stopping in at Atlas. We can tell you whether your fluid is bad or not and the inspection is free. Do not let a oil change facility change it for you. They are not going to drop the pan and replace both filters. Bringing your vehicle to a Transmission Specialist will ensure that when you need a Transmission Tune-up it will be done correctly.