Atlas has offered Transmission Repair services for the city of Hobart Indiana and its residents since 1963. We Service Repair and Rebuilt All Makes and Model Transmissions Both Foreign and Domestic in Standard and Domestic Models.  Hobart Residents have been our loyal customers for the last 50 years and to give back we offer free towing to all of our Hobart Customers. 


Transmission Symptoms include Transmission Slips, Transmission Leaks, Transmission Whines, Hard Stops, Hard Shifts and Delayed Engagement. If your not sure we offer a Free Transmission Diagnostic Inspection.


Here at Atlas We know how much you need your car we are here to get you back on the road and at a price that wont break the bank. To contact us and get a Free Tow or an Estimate, contact us today.


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Hobart Indiana Residents